Rallying Cry

I believe God gave me a word that he wants to share with you, the body of Christ. His warriors, his elite army.

Last night, January 27, 2021, a big storm swept through California. As I’m writing this, the storm is still raging outside with high winds, rain, and power outages. It’s unusual for California to have an intense storm like this. They call it an AR3.

In the midst of the storm, God gave me a dream.

I was in a bunker with hundreds of other people—peers. We were all sleeping, safe and sheltered, through the night. I was on watch duty and I was half-dozing as I was waiting, then a giant television screen lit up and I saw a security camera image of the outer chain link fence which encircled the compound. A flash bomb hit one of the posts of the chain link fence. The fire from the bomb burned at the links and caused the metal to glow, but it did not break through. I thought to myself, good. The enemy isn’t strong enough to break through, and I laughed at him.

However, I remembered something as I was looking at the fire. I remembered there had been a time in the past when the enemy did break through. He cut through with a sword like a lightsaber. I saw his sword melting through the fence and I knew when he broke through last time, the destruction had been very great. That’s why we had watchmen posted, to prevent it from happening again.

As I remembered this, a second bomb hit the fence in the same place as before, where the fence was already softened from burning. A figure appeared beyond the fence, coming out of the woods on the other side. It was a man like Darth Vader. He marched toward the burning fence with deadly purpose, firm, resolute. He was gripping a weapon, but the weapon was not yet illuminated.

So I sounded the alarm.

All at once, these elite soldiers dropped from the ceiling and landed in the center of the compound. They were men and women, armored in thick, black, sci-fi armor and wielding giant weapons. They were intense and responded immediately. They rushed out first to combat the enemy.

Then the people around me began to arise. The men and women who were sleeping with me in the bunker jumped up from bed and started falling into rank, clothed in armor and bodysuits, the kind you see in super hero movies. They were all matching each other because these were uniforms. And as I watched them assembling, there were so many people, I knew the one enemy at the fence didn’t have a chance.

Then God spoke over the loudspeaker in my dream and his voice echoed through the compound.

“Charlene, I need you to defeat the enemy and claim your destiny.”

Then I woke up.

When I looked at my bedside clock, it was flashing 12:05. The power had been out in my house, but it came back on at the moment God spoke to me in the dream.

I believe the interpretation of this dream is pretty straightforward, but I’ll share what I believe God is illustrating.

There was a time in your life when you were asleep. God was sheltering you, preparing and training you for His purpose. Maybe it has been years. You have been faithful to follow Him down the road He placed you on, through the trials and the joys and the drudgery of training, not knowing where it was leading, but trusting it was somewhere good because you believe God is a good God and He has plans for your life.

Those plans are greater than anything you can imagine.

Now, he is calling you up to arise, to put on your armor, and fight. There is an enemy at the fence who is intent on destroying the Church, and God needs us to rise up and be the warriors He made us to be.

Maybe you, like me, are asking God how do I fight for you? What do you want me to do? This is what He told me.

“For the weapons of our warfare are not of the flesh but have divine power to destroy strongholds.” 2 Corinthians 10:4 (ESV)

This is the moment God has been preparing you for. Awake, Church, and rise up! The enemy has no power against the Lord and his sons and daughters. When we assemble and work together as one—there was only one uniform I saw among the body, one color and pattern—the enemy doesn’t stand a chance. But he isn’t stopping this time and he won’t be scared away. He needs to be defeated once and for all.

God will infuse you with the power, the strength, and the guidance you need through His Holy Spirit. God is moving in a mighty way on the earth now, in our generation. He is performing great and powerful works like we’ve never seen, and he invites you to be a part of His work. He commands it. His voice when He spoke in my dream was forceful and intense: a warrior and a lion. He isn’t angry at us and He isn’t blaming you or condemning you, no. His intensity is directed in His purpose and the work that He is accomplishing. Right now, I would not want to be in God’s way. And I would definitely not want to delay on something He told me to do, because He’s a man on a mission.

Praise be to God, who gives us the victory!