My current work in progress is FIREHEART, a Young Adult fantasy novel where David and Goliath meets Final Fantasy.

Sagis Varendar has the gift of fire. As the youngest in a magical family, he dreams of joining them as a guardian of their island, Jaia. For centuries, his family has stood against the dark magic that plagues their island, but holding the line isn’t enough anymore. His mother has been killed by a creature from the other side and it’s time to take the fight to them. He forges his fire into a weapon capable of challenging the darkness. Only his father stands in his way.

The evidence around her death doesn’t match up and his father suspects foul play. Someone has learned to harness the darkness. So Sagis unearths evidence that points to the empire of Zol Marré, and when he digs deeper, he discovers the empire is planning to turn the dark against them and invade their island. But the truth comes at a price. His magic is stolen and his father is captured by Kavan, an agent of the empire, who disappears with his fire and his father into the heart of the sea.

Sagis knows they’re still alive. But with his island under siege, a war now stands between him and his father. If only he had his fire. Good thing he knows just where to find it. If he can track down Kavan, he can reclaim his magic and take his revenge on the empire. But the dark is closing in. And if he does rekindle his fire, will he lose himself—and the ones he loves—to the flames of vengeance, or can he become the hero he always dreamed he could be?

If you enjoy high-stakes adventures in a new world, if you like magical families and heroes-in-the-making, this is the story you’ve been waiting for! This novel will be the first in a trilogy, “The Ninami Chronicles,” so the fun won’t stop for quite some time.