(Up)current Events: The Enemy Has No Real Power

The Lord gave me another dream about (up)current events. Holy Spirit just gave me that phrase, lol. It means revelation regarding world events in the not-so-distant future. It’s like we’re all traveling together down the river of life, but sometimes God gives me a little boost and throws me above the water, and while I’m in the air, I can see a little bit downstream to what’s coming up ahead.

This particular dream began in Southern California. This was where I was born and raised. I was with my family and we were flying over a long strip of beach which bordered the busy So Cal neighborhoods and freeways. Tsunami waves suddenly started rising from the ocean. Each wave was very high and frothing with foam, and it struck terror into my heart and the hearts of everyone in the city. People started running away, fleeing from the tsunami in whatever means they had available. Some construction workers were caught along the beach in the middle of their workday and they tried to flee on their tractor.

But the strange thing about these waves was that they were disconnected from the flow of the ocean. They were strips of waves, like sheets of paper that were pulled up artificially from the water. They were rising by themselves; they were unnatural. Kind of like how a bear stands up on its hind legs and roars. And as much as I was running away, I never actually saw one of these waves crash on the shore. They rose up and caused fear, but no one was harmed.

Still, my family and I fled from the tsunami. There was a very large church standing on a cliff overlooking the ocean. It was a megachurch, modern and classy, with a large silver cross on top like a beacon. And I knew if we made it to the church-fortress, we would be safe.

Then my dream shifted locations. Instead of Southern California, I was now in Colorado. My sister was with me and we were driving together along a particular highway which skirts the foothills of Denver. The sunset was behind us and it was a beautiful evening, but I wasn’t sure what our destination was, so I pulled over. My sister and I sat together, waiting, on some public benches. Snow appeared on the ground. It was winter.

We were suddenly approached by a Latino woman, and I knew immediately that she was going to try to con us. (Disclaimer: I believe all people are created in the image of God. All races are beautiful. But there will be an important detail here that I believe is relevant so that’s why I identified her as she showed up in my dream.)

The woman asked for my gun. How did she know I had a concealed weapon in my purse? But she wanted it and I refused to give it to her. Because why would you turn over your gun to the person who is trying to rob you? When I wouldn’t comply, she started attacking me with martial arts. I thought this was rather useless, since I’ve been trained in Tae Kwon Do. Her attacks were slow and weak. I wasn’t sure whether I remembered my training well enough to be effective, but I did catch her ankle and I twisted it to throw her off-balance. I was angry and tempted to break her knee, but I slowed down and warned her instead: leave, or I’ll break your knee. She ran away.

She ran to fetch her partner. Husband? Boyfriend? I warned my sister there was a more powerful attacker coming and I said we need to be ready to shout for help. Also, I was angry because if anyone had filmed me attacking a Latino woman, they might accuse me of being racist, even though she was the one who attacked me. I was frustrated at the injustice of it.

A green van drove up. Her partner climbed out and approached us with an automatic rifle cradled in his arms. He was also Latino. He was cocky and self-confident and he asked us for our gun. But the gun he was carrying was plastic. It was still strapped with zip-ties to its colorful cardboard display mount. I was confused and a bit insulted: why was he intimidating me with a child’s toy? Did he think he was threatening?

The man kept asking me details about my gun, like what the license number was, what the caliber was, what the firing mechanism was. I’m not a gun guru and I didn’t actually know the answers. But I told him he had no right to ask me these things. My gun was my private property and it was none of his business. Eventually, he went away. When he left, I thought to myself, why do we have gun registrations in America? Is it so that they know exactly what they can take away from you?

My sister and I ran for help. In this whole situation, I had much more clarity and presence of mind than I feel I normally would have in real life. I wouldn’t return to my personal vehicle because I could see the man watching us from his parked van. I didn’t want him to get my license plate number. We came upon some other citizens who were out in the snow. I told them what happened and who they needed to watch out for. We came together as a unified group, and when the attacker saw the group, the van drove away. And the dream ended.

You may have already felt the message here. There was a recurring theme in both scenes. The enemy was trying to threaten, rob, and destroy, but he had (and has) no real power. The bullying tactics he is using instill fear, but they are anomalies in the current of life and they are as insubstantial as a child’s toy. His threats and fear are not in alignment with the current of God’s will.

God’s will is not for you to be afraid, or cower, or to let the enemy walk over you. There are times to love your enemy, and there are times to fight back. Like King David, like Joshua. This is an hour and a day to fight back. We do not need to be afraid of the enemy or comply with his threats. He’s trying to take away our power and our ability to fight him, but he will flee if we stand together.

When I use the term “enemy,” I’m talking about the unseen enemy, the devil and his minions. But I’m also talking about people who are defying God and are willfully doing evil. People whose actions and choices bring destruction, death, and chaos, and who are intent on taking away freedom and prosperity.

Also, I believe there is a time coming in the not-so-distant future where those who sit in power will attempt to take guns away from private citizens. Their threats will be intimidating, but as the Lord showed me, they have no true power. The threats also may come through the guise of social justice. They may use fear of legal retaliation and racist accusations to bolster their threats. Because of the presence of snow in this part of the dream, it may occur in the winter. But again, when we stood up to him, the enemy fled. He did not win in this dream. I have never seen the darkness win in any of the dreams the Lord has given me.

To wrap things up, I asked the Lord to give me a Bible verse to share with you. This is what He put on my heart. “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous! Do not be terrified nor dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.” Joshua 1:9 (NASB)

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