A War on the Church

The Lord gave me another dream on March 23, 2021. He had me write it down in the middle of the night and told me to post it immediately. This is to strengthen and encourage, and give you answers to what you’ve been seeking.

In the dream, I was visiting a friend’s house. Her house was very beautiful. It was in this large-scale apartment building and it looked very modern: I felt like I was seeing a future style of apartment building that was white and clean, but also filled with plants and flowers. Not the ugly modern apartments that you see today, but sorta Star Wars vintage-retro with a Bohemian flair to her decoration style. I loved it.

We were together and she was showing me her house and her rooftop garden. I was taking pictures. In her garden, she showed me exotic, colorful caterpillars on the flowerbeds. I knew these were the caterpillars of the future: new breeds to be discovered but once discovered, named and common. She told me I could hold them, so I took them out of the water in my hands, but they were stiff and dead and I thought I killed them because I put unpurified water into their bowl. But then the caterpillars came to life—they were just hiding from the shock of being lifted—and started transforming into butterflies. These butterflies transformed into four children. I especially remember the youngest boy. He was exuberant and red-haired, and he came to life out of the cocoon and held up a toy car. I knew that was his special gift that he had been born with from the womb: a love of cars. So I played with him and built him a little race track to develop his gift.

Then suddenly a crisis hit. The power was shut off all over the world. A hand went into the electrical gird and intentionally turned off the power, and I knew the hand was a Chinese Communist hand. I could watch the power indicator glow decrease on the dial.

The apartment building I was visiting started flashing with high alert. The building transformed into a blue, 3-D computer model. Certain sections of the building flashed red, indicating the location of private bunkers. Fall-out shelters. The bunkers were equipped and stocked with enough food and supplies to last fifteen years. Some were clustered together and some were isolated. They were inside and part of the apartment building, and I thought to myself those aren’t hidden very well. The Communists know right where they are at. There weren’t very many of them, and they were privately owned.

As I’m writing this, I believe the Lord told me those bunkers are the Church. I believe the power shut-off was the Coronavirus scare, and instead of taking a stand, the church fled into its bunkers and left the rest of the people to figure themselves out. In the dream, I knew there were millions of other people who had not been equipped with bunkers, but I never saw what happened to them. They were left free-range to do what they would, and as I’m writing this, I feel a great heaviness in my heart for these people. I sense the Holy Spirit’s indignation and anger at the suffering of all these people who have been left to the wolves in this crisis. He has not forgotten them and he has not ignored the blood that has been spilled. You are not forgotten. You are being set free and redeemed, and the Lord’s vengeance is coming not only for the Church, but also for you. Because you are special and precious in his sight and he has his eye fixed on you, for good.

The family I was visiting had one of these bunkers. Since I was visiting with them, I was told to join them inside the bunker. The family consisted of a father and four children, a grandmother and grandfather. They were all running around the house in a panic. The father especially started waving me urgently into the bunker. I looked down in there and could see the tiny space, and thought there was no way I was going to live in a tiny, confined, cramped bunker for fifteen years.

I told the father, “I can’t go with you into the bunker. I know myself, and left with nothing but time on my hands my brain will go in circles. I will literally go crazy. I’m not going down. And we don’t need to go down. A fifteen-year bunker is overkill: the crisis won’t last that long.”

The family listened to my words–they seemed pleased to hear them–and they elected to stay out of the bunker. So we either locked ourselves in the apartment for a week, or we were confined for a week. It was a combination of the two: some of the motive was compelled, but part of it was voluntary. I believe the Lord is telling me he holds the Church partly responsible for allowing themselves to be made captive, but he has mercy and compassion and he is forgiving. He does not blame the children. The young are innocent in this. He does not blame the Church for causing the crisis, either. We were uninformed and unequipped, sleeping, but no longer. That is about to change. The ones who are to blame will be brought to justice.

At the end of a week, we were stir-crazy. The house was an embarrassing mess and I thought if we were to be inspected by the Communists now, because the Communists were running inspections of the bunkers, they would think we were slobs. (Writing this, I don’t know why I cared what they thought, but it was laced with fear over being caught and found out and exposed.) We were itching to go outside. But we knew there were evil people in charge outside, so I decided to spy on them, first.

High up on the wall inside the apartment was a square opening the size of a ventilation grate. I climbed up and looked through the window into a council chamber. It was the high council chamber of the world, and it was meeting in session, and all the councilwomen were there.

The meeting was made up entirely of women. They were wearing feminine clothing with lace and bright colors. Dresses. No one was wearing a business suit. Also, no one was smiling. They had sharp, mean faces. Expressions like sharks. But I recognized some of the women there: Nancy Pelosi was the head. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was among them, and I remember thinking I had never taken her seriously, but these people had decided to give her a position anyway. She looked very young. Now I don’t watch a lot of news or politics so I don’t recognize political figures by their faces. I believe the Lord revealed their identities to me. There were other women among these people that would be easily recognized by anyone in the public. One stood out to me in the center: a Caucasian women wearing square, black-framed glasses. She was sitting in something that looked like a children’s school desk. It was a tight fit.

I got the impression that these people were the ones who wanted to take over the world and become the head of the new world order. They wanted to rule over all the nations, not just America.  

On the whole, my first thought was this group was a coven of witches. They didn’t look like witches–they looked like normal, unhappy people. Even though they were all together, I did not sense any real power coming from the group. I also marveled that my apartment building/Church was literally on the other side of the wall of this high council chamber. I could punch through the wall and walk in if I wanted. Nancy Pelosi saw me looking through the wall and she marched over and slammed the window closed. “No peeking in,” she said. Again, I marveled that I had been allowed to witness this and had escaped unpunished.

Later, after the meeting had ended, the window on the wall opened into a huge space like the front of a store. The grandfather of the family brought out a bunch of toys that he had made during captivity and people started congregating around the window to buy them. They looked like fishing rods. One of them was a fishing rod that made music as you flicked it, like a conductor’s baton that played different notes. A man approached the window. He was bowed over and looked like Severus Snape from Harry Potter: he was clothed with a tattered, raven-like black robe but he was very interested in the musical fishing rod.

“This will help me to fly better,” he said, and he bought it. Then he left the council room and started walking outside, flicking the fishing rod to create different notes. He created a tune with the fishing rod and walked around the corner of the building. I followed him. He was very fascinated with the rod and he kept flicking it and playing the song over and over. Even after I woke up, the melody of the song was still in my head: I could sing it if I wanted to.

As I was writing this, I believe the Lord told me that these toys are gifts to the world the Body of Christ has been creating while in captivity, and because they are fishing rods, they are meant to “catch fish” for Christ. The toys have been infused with the message of the gospel. They are inventions and novels and songs and all sorts of things the Lord will use to captivate the hearts and minds of people and share the love of Christ.

He went off into the distance and I stopped following him and turned back to return to the apartment building. At the corner of the building, I suddenly ran into God the Father and Holy Spirit.

They were dressed in layered, gauzy, flowing white robes. They had the faces of Gandalf and Saruman the White (when he was good), with the faces of the actors Ian McKellen and Christopher Lee in those screen roles. They had long, white beards like the wizards, and I knew they were very powerful. They were also very grave and serious. But I knew they were Holy Spirit and God the Father dressed up like wizards to illustrate a point and I thought it was to have a bit of fun with me because I like Lord of the Rings. Not that the wizards were God. I’m not saying the actors are God, either. No. But now that I’m writing this and trying to dismiss it, God is telling me no, he meant to show up like Gandalf on purpose, not just to play with me. He’s being serious and there’s a deeper meaning.

(10/5/2021 Update: I believe the Lord revealed to me why the Father and Holy Spirit showed up like this. It was because Americans picture God like Gandalf: an old guy with a beard who has a lot of power. So when God shows up on the scene, it’s going to be in a way that is immediately recognizable to Americans as GOD. And they also showed up on the corner, the turning point of the building. So when God shows up, he’s going to be very obvious about his identity and it will be at the moment when things are going to change.)

Anyway, I ignored them. I ran past them and ran back to the apartment/Church. They let me go because I was kind of mad at them for not stopping everything, and well, that’s not my finest moment, but it happened.

When I got back to the apartment, I was shocked to find the grandfather had been attacked. Both his hands had been cut off in the middle of the forearms and the stumps of his arms were cauterized.

“She [the enemy] hates music,” one of the family members said, and I knew he had been wounded for selling the toys and that Nancy Pelosi had done this as retaliation to prevent any more toys from being sold. I think she was mad about how fascinated the raven-man was with his musical fishing rod.

“We have to flee,” I said. “Right now. There’s no time to wait.” It felt like the Israelites fleeing Egypt in the middle of the night. I gathered the family up and started giving instructions to pack and wear clothes you don’t mind sleeping in for several days, and the grandmother looked at me with sorrow but I told her you have to get ready for a flight into the wilderness. I felt sorry for her to endure this in her old age, but I knew she could make it and she would be okay. The children were still there as well. Writing this, it reminds me of the last part of The Sound of Music, where the VonTrapp family flees the Nazis taking over Austria by crossing the mountains into Switzerland.

I knew we had to flee because the grandfather had his hands cut off and the Communists were coming back to finish off the rest of us. I worried whether the grandfather would have the strength to make the journey, but when we were finished packing, I looked back and saw him lying on the couch, looking peaceful. He was dead. The Lord had taken him home as a mercy. As I’m writing this, I wonder whether this man was a pastor or a warrior for the Lord in the last generation, like Billy Graham or Rush Limbaugh, or maybe if he symbolized the last generation.

It’s interesting that I urged the family to flee in the dream, but I never actually saw us run.

Then I woke up.

If I had gotten this dream without any preparation, it would have scared me out of my mind. But I didn’t feel afraid on a deep level in the dream. I felt anxious on a surface-level at certain points, but my emotions in the dream were reactionary to the situation and they did not carry an undercurrent of Truth. Like even though I felt scared at the time, I didn’t need to be Afraid. It did not feel like anything was chaotic or out of control, out of the hands of God. Though the power was shut off and people were running around in a panic, the feeling of panic did not persist through the dream. It was temporary and a human reaction.

A couple days ago, I watched a video online where Timothy Dixon shared a dream God gave him about the enemy’s intentions for the future of America and the world. How the Communists literally want to destroy America and turn it into a place of horror. Bibles and were being burned in the street, along with anything that gives hope, and young girls and women were being taken to camps and young men were being shot in other camps. Where people were lining up to get government-rationed cereal boxes from Costco-style warehouses. He said the vision he had in the dream was an alternate reality which the devil was trying to bring about within the next couple years, here, in America. Not Germany or China, but here. BUT he also said that the Lord is going to prevent this from happening and he is going to make a mighty move on the earth to defeat the devil and spare us from this. So don’t be afraid!

But I believe this is a warning. It’s an illustration of what has been going on and what the Church has done in response to the crisis in the world. We have not been the arms and feet of Christ in the Coronavirus crisis. Some have, but we have allowed ourselves to be trampled on by the enemy and it has allowed the devil to cause a lot of suffering.

No more, the Lord says. But it starts with each person in their heart. In the dream, I ran from God and Holy Spirit when they showed up. My disappointment caused me to turn from them and I never saw the work they were about to accomplish. After I ran from them, that’s when the church was attacked, when I left the presence of God. When he showed up and I dismissed him.

However, he still showed up. There’s another message. God arrived on the scene in person (in costume, but in person). I believe they want to say this is how much they care about what is going on. They are going to resolve this personally, no matter what reaction I have to them. It’s about God’s plans for the world and His Holy Name. And it’s going to be very cinematic and thorough. The enemy has no power and the One with the real guns (being figurative here: spiritual guns) is about to show up. Holy Spirit especially is very excited about this, eager and wiggling, like a child.

Finally, I believe the Lord wants to leave you with a Bible verse:

Exodus 14:13 “And Moses said to the people, “Fear not, stand firm, and see the salvation of the Lord, which he will work for you today. For the Egyptians whom you see today, you shall never see again.” (ESV)

Glory to God! Amen.

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