The Beginning

And so it begins: a single letter becomes a word, a word joins a sentence, sentences compile into paragraphs, and somehow you’ve written entire pages, and you have a blog. Blog…that’s an interesting word. I believe it’s short for “web log,” but I haven’t researched it. If you know the background of that word/term, please feel free to enlighten me. Do you ever wonder about words? Where did it come from, why do we use it instead of another combination of syllables and sounds: a rose by any other name, right? Does that work with names, too? If I were named Angelica instead of Charlene, would my life be any different? My parents considered naming me Angelica. I don’t mind that name, but I’m glad they picked the one they did. I don’t feel like an “Angelica,” if stereotypes are allowed.

Hello, welcome to my blog! I have this crazy idea that someday I’d like to be a writer. But then I learned that “someday” won’t come unless I get out and start working to make it come. That’s why I’m in college at Colorado Christian University near Denver working on my BA in English, with an emphasis in creative writing. I’ve hoped to be a writer and novelist since elementary school, but it wasn’t until a few years ago that I had the brilliant idea to work harder at improving my writing, and college was a good place to do that! Funny how those obvious things don’t really hit you until you’ve rolled through the sandpaper of life and sit up, blinking and rubbing your skinned knees, realizing Mommy can’t kiss and make this one better. You have to push yourself up. It’s tough and cold, but I think those times make the warm ones sweeter, gives them more substance.

And so I acknowledge my own audacity to hope. I work, play a bit, and work some more. But always there’s this songbird of hope, like in Emily Dickinson’s poem “Hope is the thing with feathers.” Sometimes I shoo the bird and fume when it insists on staying. Hope is so unreasonable. Maybe that’s why we hold onto it so tightly, because it insists on belief in the miraculous. What do you think?

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